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Reel Rookie

RCA Roku tv manage channels and favourites

Hello community any ideas on how to manage channels and select favourites on this device?. Closest I’ve came is settings>parental controls> block channels. But unfortunately they still appear on the live tv guide: unable to minimalise the tv guide. Any magic to solve this please share.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: RCA Roku tv manage channels and favourites

Welcome, @Tony1708.

Warm greetings from the Roku Community!

We understand you wanted to set your favorite channel list on your Live TV. Let's take care of that for you.

To configure your Favorite Live TV channels, please refer to the following steps:

How to Open the Channels Menu

  1. Open the Live TV Channel Guide
  2. Find the channel you wish to hide
  3. Move left until the channel name and logo are highlighted
  4. Press Star * on your Roku remote to open the Channel options menu

How to Hide Channels

  1. Open the Channel options menu
  2. Select Manage channels
  3. Select Manage channel lineup
  4. Press OK to Check the box next to any channel you wish to hide.

How to Set Favorite Channels

  1. Select Manage channels
  2. Select Favorite channels
  3. Press OK to check the box next to any channel you wish to favorite

For more comprehensive details, visit this support article: How to set up a favorites channel list with Roku's Live TV Channel Guide.

Let us know how it works.

All the best,

Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: RCA Roku tv manage channels and favourites

Unfortunately, these aren’t working for me eg: live tv> select> channel chosen> scroll left> last seven days of watching history> will not go onto the channel logo list. Eg: live tv >select> star astrix any channel> no manage channels(sleep timer, picture settings, sound settings, accessibility and language and picture off. Same applies to the favourites list as there are no options to manage channel list. Very odd. Is it the model of television maybe. But surely with the updates the issues should be resolved.

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Re: RCA Roku tv manage channels and favourites

There's are other threads about this - it looks like they either removed the feature or it doesn't work for the UK tv guide.  It's been months with no fix. 

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