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Reel Rookie

Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

I'm assuming that a recent update created this row of channels under the banner "On Now" on the top of my home page. I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it. It does not appear in the settings nor do I see anything on the app which allows me to deselect it.

Am I blind or is Roku shoving something I do not want and will never use on my home screen regardless of whether I want it there or not? Has anyone been able to remove this or at the very least move it out of the way?


Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Same question. How do I get rid of this garbage. As it is I'll never buy anything with the name Roku in it again.

Streaming Star

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Same!  Any idea how to get rid of this?  I would even be fine using a pihole to block it.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Hi, Community users.

Thanks for letting us know about your experience regarding the new Roku Home Screen interface, and we're sorry to hear about the trouble. We'll go ahead and forward this to the team for review and consideration for us to develop improvements to make the Roku streaming experience even better.

Once again, we appreciate your feedback, and your input is valuable to us.

Wishing you all the best,

Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Yes. Please give the option to remove this. It's frustrating when companies force items on you. It's like taking away your freedom of choice. I really liked the Roku device before this. Now, idk. 


Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Agreed with the others. Would like the option to turn this feature off. I'm fine with getting a popup saying a new feature is available, but having a disruptive feature pushed without a way to minimize its impact on the user experience is annoying at best and shows a lack of understanding of the audience.

Reel Rookie

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

it's bad enough that I can't control what ads show up ON THE HOME SCREEN for my kids to see, but then you're constantly adding things TO THE HOME SCREEN! Please stop. 


Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Definitely, This is most annoying update Roku has implemented without any thought on how it negatively impacts UX. 

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

@dannyomo, I couldn't agree more about the "features" Roku keeps forcing on users, but while you can't prevent inappropriate ads from appearing, you can hide them after they do.

How to hide an ad | Official Roku Support

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Re: Remove 'On Now" row from home screen?

Why is it that EVERY OTHER ICON on the home screen can be modified or eliminated; that there's an asterisk (*) available for MY opinions and desires for MY television to be paramount, but there's no such option for the icons on the newly added line, "On Now?" How dare Roku change my home screen without my permission? I don't want the default top-line line up to be THEIR preferences in MY home, on MY device.

Call me paranoid, but I'm sick of some other entity or country trying to decide what I should consider important or desirable. This is no better than the map program on my phone telling me to turn around and drive 2 miles out of my way just so I can be led down Restaurant Row, when I'd much prefer the less-traveled and more-direct route to my destination.

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