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OS updates

I'm interested in getting a Roku streaming device. I haven't decided which one. I guess either the Ultra or the Streaming Stick+ HE.

For how long does Roku support their devices with OS updates? How many years or how many OS versions? I assume that it doesn't matter whether it is a Roku TV or Roku streaming device. The current version is OS 10. Will Roku support their devices thru OS 11 or OS 12 or OS 13?


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Re: OS updates

A model 2710 (Roku 1 SE) I bought in late 2013 is still being supported with OS updates, and received OS10 not long ago (it came with OS5.2).

That should give you an idea of model longevity...

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Re: OS updates

Overall Roku supports their players for quite some time. You have to go back to players released in 2012-13 before you find an unsupported player. 

However, channel developers may stop supporting a player sooner than Roku stops providing updates. YouTube is one good example. They claim support for almost all players, but in reality the channel works poorly on devices as young as 4-5 years old. The issue is that Roku continues to improve/update the hardware on the newest devices, and the older ones don't have the processing power to work well with some channel developers. The developers continue to push the hardware hard, and the older players simply can't keep up. But that's not the fault of Roku.


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Re: OS updates

The reason why I'm asking is because Verizon raised my cable bill again. I'm gonna hit Verizon where it hurts - in the wallet! I'm retired & living on a fixed income. I've researched the different streaming devices & I like the simplicity of the Roku.

I don't want Fire TV Stick because Amazon pushes stuff in your face. The home screen is cluttered with Sponsored Content, Prime Video, suggestions & recommendations. ALL search results come back with Amazon-related searches at the top of the list. I don't have Prime Video & I don't want Prime Video.

Tivo Stream has had bad reviews. The reviewers recommend Google TV instead.

I like the Android Home Screen but I read online that Android TV will be upgraded to Google TV. Google TV is almost as bad as Fire TV. The Google TV Home Screen is cluttered with "Trending", suggestions, recommendations, categories like "sci-fi". It's almost as bad as the Fire TV Home Screen even with the new Fire TV update.

I like the Roku Home Screen. There's only one ad. There's no Sponsored Content, recommendations, suggestions, categories. It's easy to navigate. It's easy to understand. It's easy to learn one's way around.

I hope that Roku & Google will quickly resolve their spat.


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