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Lost 24Hz refresh on HBOmax since OS 12.0.0 build 4178

Roku Ultra with "auto-adjust display refresh rate" ON.

I can find no 24p content on HBOmax any more, which seems to coincide with the latest OS update. This includes content that I'm sure I watched before with a 24Hz refresh. I can verify that Tubi and Vudu still have plenty of 24p content displayed at 24Hz.

Can anyone else confirm this? It may have gone unnoticed on previous builds if I haven't spent much time on HBOmax recently.

At HBO Max | Help Center I see 'HBO Max Becomes  'max' on May 23". Maybe that's the problem.

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Re: Lost 24Hz refresh on HBOmax since OS 12.0.0 build 4178

Hi @Anonymous 

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community regarding the issue you are experiencing.

We would be more than happy to look further into this issue for you, but we will need more details.  Can you provide specific titles on HBO Max that you see this issue occur with? In addition, does this happen on other channels aside from HBO Max? If so, what channels and can you provide specific titles from within those channels?

Once we have this information, we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.


Danny R.
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Re: Lost 24Hz refresh on HBOmax since OS 12.0.0 build 4178


I have a support ticket 7379437 open and have responded to their request for more information. As far as specific titles I looked at, "No Sudden Move" should be 24p, (it's 4K HDR & DV), but the fact is I can't find anything on the site that changes from a 60Hz refresh to anything else. Peacock, Paramountplus, Vudu, and Tubi still output 24Hz for 24p content that's easily found. I haven't noticed any similar change in another channel yet, which is making me suspect HBOmax might be making changes for the change to "max" next month.

Problem is, all 3 of my 4670's are on the same build now. If you can find an Ultra on 11.5 and find ANY 24p content on HBOmax, and it outputs at 24Hz, then there's something to look into. But if 11.5 sees the same problem, I'd wait until

O.K., I just checked "No Sudden Move" before I typed it, and it was 60Hz. I stopped typing at "until" and checked Tubi, Paramount, Vudu, Peacock, then back to HBOmax and tried "Game of Thrones". Its 24Hz. Checked "No Sudden Move", also 24Hz now . I see stuff from 1938 to 2022 displaying at 24Hz now. All the same movies and TV shows I checked before are now 24Hz (so I was right in assuming they were 24p). Earlier today I did the uninstall channel, restart, reinstall channel, checked all 3 ultras, all failed. This was resolved as I was typing here. HBO or Roku? What happened here?

I'll check the other 2 Ultras and come back.

Ultra number 2 is playing the same content at 60Hz.

Ultra 3 also fails; also wanted me to create a profile, like a new user, then presented the button to log in to my profile as usual.

Went back to #1 which was still playing at 24Hz. Played several other titles at 24Hz. Exited HBOmax, relaunched, STUCK AT 60Hz on all content.

I'll paste this into a reply to support on my ticket. This must be on HBO's end.

Now, can anyone tell me why one of my three 4670's cannot acquire an IPv6 address, not even the link-local?

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