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Reel Rookie

In the Screen mirroring device screen on the onn roku tv, does not show any devices, how do I add

From within the screen mirroring devices screen on my onn roku 65 inch TV, it shows none for always blocked devices and always allowed devices. Why? How do I add my phone?

Also, when trying to cast from any app such as Hulu, spectrum, Netflix, etc., the TV does not show in the list. Why? How do I get this feature to work on my onn roku tv? 


Screen mirroring does work from my Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, but I do not want to screen when I have guests at my home. I don't want the info from my phone to be displayed onto the TV while watching a movie. I may need to use my phone as well so I do not want to only screen mirror, I want to be able to cast directly from an installed app on my phone. Please let me know how to fix my 2 issues stated above. Thank you

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Roku Guru

Re: In the Screen mirroring device screen on the onn roku tv, does not show any devices, how do I ad


Roku supports DIAL (casting), Miracast (mirroring), Play on Roku (casting), and AirPlay (casting & mirroring) in terms of casting/mirroring protocol support.

Roku does not support GoogleCast/ChromeCast, Fling, or MATTER at this time.

The Screen mirroring (Miracast) lists wont show any devices unless/until you actually either "Always allow" or "Always Block" via the RokuCast dialog box when you try to mirror (using Miracast) from your phone/tablet/PC/device.

(You cannot manually add devices, they only appear once you make a connection attempt dialog box choice)

The cast icon in most apps is for ChromeCast/GoogleCast-based casting, which Roku does not support - Roku supports DIAL, Play on Roku, and AirPlay for app-based casting. 

However, NF/YT/YTTV support DIAL, so you should see your Roku when casting from them.

Since your Samsung is an Android-based device with Miracast (SmartView) support, you'll be able to screen mirror from it to your Roku

If you want app-based casting support, Roku is not the platform to use - get an Android/Android TV-based device such as the ONN 4K StreamBox ($20), or TiVO Stream 4K ($20-50), Fire TV Stick ($20-60).

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: In the Screen mirroring device screen on the onn roku tv, does not show any devices, how do I ad

@R-L Your phone (or other device) only screen mirrors when you make the connection manually. The phone is not going to suddenly connect to your TV while you're using it unless you tell it to. Even when I've mirrored a phone or laptop to my Roku, it doesn't remain in the list of devices on the Roku. So you don't need to worry about the phone screen appearing on your TV while you're watching something.

If your TV isn't appearing on the screen mirroring function of the phone as an available destination, there's likely a security setting on your WiFi that is blocking wireless devices from seeing anything on the network. If you're using a "guest" WiFi connection, that is most assuredly turned on. I have no issue seeing all of my networked Roku devices in my home on my phone, iPad or laptop as an available destination. It doesn't matter if the Roku is wired, on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, and same with the phone (or other device). Everything appears and I can connect to any of them. So the first place to look is in your router's WiFi security settings. 


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