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(Connecting to VidAngel!)

Would like to have Roku set up with vidangel?

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Re: (Connecting to VidAngel!)


Currently not possible with Roku.  Vidangel did have a previous channel on the Roku platform but it was removed.  Many have advocated for its return here in various threads.

You can use the Vidangel app and cast through your Roku if you wish using Airplay and some other casting apps.

Here is Vidangel's current list of supported devices.


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Re: (Connecting to VidAngel!)

Sad Roku has decided to part ways with Vid Angel. I’m an adult that enjoys VidAngel, I don’t want to hear all the unnecessary cursing or nudity….I have an imagination and can use that to follow the “gist” of what is happening. Way too much on everything program now. Not judging anyone else but I liked the choice. Great to watch a show like The Witcher with kids 12 - 17 years old without the awkwardness presented. Bought 2 Fire Sticks earlier this year and will be buying 2 more soon. I prefer Roku’s easy interface but have to go with the product that gives me the choice.  Thanks for all the great years Roku, you made the decision for me!

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