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Can’t Read the Small print on Channel Guides

Please create an option for those have trouble reading the on-screen channel guides.  I cannot read the small type on the screen.  Any way you could make the size of the type adjustable? I don’t want to purchase a larger tv as I don’t have space for a larger screen, I just want to be able to read the info.


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Re: Can’t Read the Small print on Channel Guides

Greetings @AbyNormal

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community. 

We understand that you are inquiring about customizing the font size of the channel guide.  We love the idea, however, we currently don't have any information to share at moment, feel free to keep an eye on our blog at for any future announcements or updates.
You may also stop by the 'Suggest a feature' section of the Community to share any other thoughts. 

Thanks for your interest and we hope to expand with more features to provide our customers with the best streaming experience.


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Re: Can’t Read the Small print on Channel Guides



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Re: Can’t Read the Small print on Channel Guides

Can't see the menu and movie descriptions on my screen, causing eye strain and I have progressive eyeglasses!


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Re: Can’t Read the Small print on Channel Guides

I wear progressive lenses, too. Progressive lenses are optimized for near, medium, and distance vision. However, I realized that many of the visual tasks we do in a day are outside the focal ranges of progressives.

For example, the near range is supposed to be for reading a book in your lap. But it's too short for desktop computer work. I measured the distance from my eyes to the computer screen and ordered a pair of glasses with single vision lenses at that focal length. Bingo - no more eye strain!

I suspect the same problem is happening with television viewing. Large screen, wall-mounted TVs may need a different focal length than progressive lenses can provide.

A pair of single vision TV-only glasses may do the trick.


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