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audio stuttering using usb stick for live tv pause

Roku customer service is tge worst. They act like they are trying to help but, never follow up like that say they will. I've been dealing almost 2 months with there bs

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Community Moderator

Re: audio stuttering using usb stick for live tv pause

Hi @ShaneBender,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We apologize for this experience. This is not what we aim for. We're happy to look into this concern.

Could you tell us the following details?

  • What Roku device is affected? (Go to Settings > System > About.)
  • When did you start having this issue?
  • Have you tried checking manually for software updates?
  • Are there any external devices attached to your TV besides the Roku device?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far?

Please keep us informed so we can continue assisting.

All the best,

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: audio stuttering using usb stick for live tv pause

I have the same issue and the same terrible experience with Roku. I am replacing an older Roku TV where this feature worked. I'm using the same USB that worked in the old TV. I am getting audio and video skipping which can be seen in this video. I've also tried 2 other USB drives (3.0 32GB and 3.2 32GB) and none of the 3 drives worked (PNY, Lexar, and Verbatim brands). I even exchanged the TV for a new one. I tried all of the useless steps from the Roku Customer Service representative's script (restart, reset, unplug). I have seen other complaints online and I feel like Roku just doesn't care. I'm about to take this TV back and try a Fire TV instead. 

The only external device I have attached is an outdoor antenna. It works great and has good signal as evidenced by everything working on the old TV. The new TV is a 32 inch Roku TV model 32R2B5.

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