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Why is my TCL Roku TV overheating?

We receive the Overheating message while using the Paramount+ app on our 55" TCL Roku TV.  We've tried removing the app, restarting the TV and reinstalling the app and we still get the overheating message.  Is there anything else that I can try?

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Re: Why is my TCL Roku TV overheating?

Hi @blueayres65,

Congrats on your first post in the Roku Community!

We understand you have a query about the overheating message. Does the issue only occur on a specific channel or across other channels installed on your Roku TV? If the overheating message pops up regardless of the channel you are accessing, we recommend contacting TCL support directly to report the issue and for further help. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS.

Please keep us posted!

All the best,


Jecheal R.
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Re: Why is my TCL Roku TV overheating?

When I started binging on 4k content I was having it message after a few hours.  As suddenly as it started, it went away.  Prior to adding Hulu/Disney and Paramount+, the increase of 4k content must have pushed it past a threshold.  I'm guessing they pushed a patch to keep things throttled.  Murphy's law now that I've said it cleared up it'll mysteriously reappear

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