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TCL screencasting starts to degrade after 24min, reproducibly

I screencast to a #TCL65R655 with Roku OS 12.0.0, and the cast is coming from a Peloton bike.

The issue is that after screencasting for about 24minutes, the video/audio on the TCL starts degrading and becomes choppy and intermittent. This starts slightly but over time becomes so bad that the screencast becomes unusable and one has to stop transmitting. The interesting thing is that this behavior is 100% reproducible since OS 12.0.0.

Before any such tips arrive: All software is updated to the latest versions. The WiFi network is quick and fine and has no issues, both machines are on the same 5GHz WiFi network. I also tried restarting, yada yada. No streaming issue to the Peloton, no streaming issue when using TCL with channels. Screencast just stops working after 24minutes. And it DID work perfectly fine before the Roku 12.0.0 update.

So I very much suspect Roku OS to be the culprit, but cannot be sure. Peloton had many software updates over the last months and the issue remained. I will have to see if I can screencast from some other gadget to the TCL, and also try to screencast from Peloton to another receiver, but alas I don't have any such gadgets at the moment. Meanwhile, does anybody have a tip or experiences the same issue?
Interesting that the timing is always the same. As if some energy saver thingie starts on the TCL after ~24minutes, but that old setting is not offered anymore in the Roku OS, and it would have been 20 minutes.

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