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TCL Roku TV - cant adjust screen size when PC connected (HDMI)

Using Windows10 PRO, 10.0.19043 connected via HDMI (1) to TCL 4k 43" Roku TV 10.0.0 build 4209, screen edges are getting cut off.

Resolutions appear to match, display otherwise seems fine.

There does not appear to be anyway to adjust screen size via the TV to fix this. I tried using the asterix, going to settings, etc - cant find anything to fix this. 

Any ideas?

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Re: TCL Roku TV - cant adjust screen size when PC connected (HDMI)


Not a Windows 10 user, but when using as an extender monitor, try changing the resolution within the windows settings.  (Advanced display settings) when connected.

I have to sometimes do this on my laptop depending on which  tv I am connecting to via HDMI. (Changing from 800x600 to 1920x1080, etc)

Basically shrinking the display screen to fit on the TV screen.

Others w/ Win10 knowledge should be able to give you better detailed info or suggestions if needed.


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Re: TCL Roku TV - cant adjust screen size when PC connected (HDMI)


Try (while on that HDMI input):  Options/Advanced Picture Settings/Picture size


If any/all of those selections still results in overscan, you'll need to adjust the overscan setting of the display driver utilities:


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