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TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly

My TCL Roku TV remote and TV itself are acting strange.

TV would not respond to remote and status light was blinking. I unplugged the TV to let it sit for 5 mins to reset it (actually was overnight it remained unplugged), plugged it back in, still no response to remote, status light stayed solidly on, after several minutes the remote all of a sudden worked somewhat. It will function but only after pushing desired buttons repeatedly, at least twice, before will perform desired function. And now, while writing this, the status light is blinking again!! 

Other steps taken to correct:

checked internet connection - excellent

checked for updates - no updates

from settings did a system restart - no apparent help

replaced batteries in remote - no change

tested IR transmitter - purple blinking light as should be


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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly


Thanks for the inquiry.

Please contact your TV's manufacturer directly to report this issue and request additional support. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS. 

If you need a replacement remote for a Roku TV, you would need to contact your TV manufacturer. You can contact TCL here: https://support.tclusa.com/televisions or 1-877-300-8837

You can also purchase a remote that is compatible with your Roku TV here: https://www.roku.com/products/accessories/roku-tv


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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly

How did you remedy the problem I'm having the same issues

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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly

Me too. 

I've taken batteries out of all remotes and the white receiver light continuously blinks and the menu system seems like someone is using a remote

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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly - fix


First, try all the turn it off and back on stuff. Second turn it all off an unplug it for 10 minutes. When none of these work, it is probably a bad back-light LED causing the problem.

Here is how to tell. You will need a LED flash light. This can be found at the local hardware store for just a couple bucks. Look for a "square" flash light - usually has a big square with a yellow strip down the center and a narrow beam if you push the button. Turn the TV on and hold the square light close to the screen. Move it around and look very close. You should be able to see some text or logo or menu. If you do, then the back-light LED has failed.

An LED is about $1, however, you have to totally disassemble the TV to get to that LED. Here is a video on how to do that...


Or seek out a local TV repair store, they should be able to fix it for a reasonable price.


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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly - fix

Your solutions suck. Basically your TV is a piece of trash and doesn’t respond to the remote and you tell people best of luck. Nice, well done.

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Re: TCL Roku TV and remote not working properly - fix

Hello @ak188

We're here to help!

We do not have enough details from your original message to make an effective suggestion. Could you tell us more about the issue you're experiencing?

With more information, we can assist you further.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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