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TCL Roku TV and iheart radio?

I don't know if anyone can answer thus, but it's puzzling me and aggravating my husband.

We both had/have separate music streaming services: iheartradio, Pandora, and Spotify. We recently upgraded from the free version of iheartradio to the family plan (all access). On our phones, we can still use our individual accounts, and access our saved and followed lists.

However, on our TCL Roku tv it does not give us the choice to switch between our iheartradio accounts. Mine automatically pulls up because I used my email address (which is connected to my account) when first setting up our new tv a couple of years ago, and the only thing that I can see is a "log out" button.

Is there a way to switch between accounts without logging out first? We're both on the family plan/all access subscription, and while we can still listen/access our music on our separate phones, it doesn't appear a way on our ROKU tv.

Any suggestions/tips between signing out then back in each time? Cuz that's a pain in the rear...and now my husband is regretting upgrading to the paid version.

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Re: TCL Roku TV and iheart radio?

Hi @elvish769,

A warm welcome here at the Roku Community!

We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding your concerns with the iHeart TV app on your TCL Roku TV. Please be advised that many apps and channels on the Roku platform are created, provided, and maintained by the channel provider themselves, so in this case, we highly recommend reaching out to their customer support team, as they will be the ones who can further assist you regarding your concern about being unable to switch between your accounts.

Here's the link to reach iHeartRadio Help or directly contact their line at 1-844-AD-HELP-5

Feel free to contact us again if there's anything else you'd want us to assist you with and we'd be more than happy to continue doing so. Hope this helps!


Carly Y.
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Re: TCL Roku TV and iheart radio?

@elvish769   Some questions.  Does the paid plan use your email?  If the paid plan uses a different email, what happens if you login with that email on your Roku device?

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