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Roku keeps freezing up two minutes after it’s on

TV keeps turning off and back on when it doesn’t turn off it’s because it’s frozen up is it Roku Or is it the TV hisense really frustrated I can’t find any answers on this topic 

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Re: Roku keeps freezing up two minutes after it’s on

That is really odd behavior. 

Have you tried powering down the Roku TV then unplugging it for around a minute or so? Try that and see if things improve.

If not, what is the software version you're running? Settings > System > About

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Re: Roku keeps freezing up two minutes after it’s on

I dont know why but when i get on my onn.ruko tv it keeps freezing and when it doesnt freeze it keeps taking like 2-3 minutes to start an app or it get on the app and it shut the tv down anyone can tellme what is going on

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Re: Roku keeps freezing up two minutes after it’s on

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community, @hi5

For us to isolate your issue, it would be very helpful if you could answer the following questions:

  1. Do you experience the issue on a specific channel or regardless of the channel you access on your Onn Roku TV? 
  2. Do you receive any error code or message? 
  3. If you have performed some troubleshooting steps, let us know. 

We'll be able to assist you once we have further details on your concern. We hope to hear from you soon!


All the best,

Kariza D.
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