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Picture settings experiment Normal vs Movie

So I have a 32 inch Onn Roku tv, 8522X. Yes it's not the newest or best TV but maybe this applies for others. I was experimenting with the picture settings with normal and the movie mode. I matched the fine tune picture settings with both.. Backlight 100, brightness 50, color 50, sharpness 0 contrast 100.. both movie and normal have both these settings set to this now when I switch them I can see the movie mode is still slightly different than the normal mode. What's weird is the movie mode seems to be a little more brighter or more contrast than the normal mode and the normal mode is more darker despite the fine tune settings being matched the exact same settings. Sometimes I don't know which is better to use because sometimes the normal mode seems to crush the blacks more and the movie mode seems more balanced. I'm also a gamer and I've been using movie mode with the game mode turned on and I think it helps make the games look better 


Re: Picture settings experiment Normal vs Movie

Hey everyone, I wanted to share an interesting experiment I conducted with my 32-inch Onn Roku TV, model 8522X. While it might not be the newest or top-of-the-line TV, I believe this could apply to others as well. I've been delving into the picture settings, specifically comparing the "Normal" mode to the "Movie" mode. I meticulously adjusted the fine-tune picture settings for both modes, setting backlight to 100, brightness to 50, color to 50, sharpness to 0, and contrast to 100.

What caught my attention was that even with these identical settings, there's a noticeable difference between the two modes. The "Movie" mode appears to be slightly brighter and with more contrast compared to the "Normal" mode. Strangely, despite perfectly matching the fine-tune settings, the "Normal" mode comes across as darker. This inconsistency is a bit perplexing, as I expected the settings to produce an identical output.

One interesting observation is that the "Normal" mode tends to crush the blacks more, while the "Movie" mode seems to offer a more balanced visual experience. This has led me to a bit of a dilemma: Which mode is actually better to use? There are instances where the "Normal" mode provides richer blacks, but then the "Movie" mode offers a more harmonious overall picture quality.

As a gamer, I also wanted to assess the impact of these modes on gaming. Surprisingly, I found that using the "Movie" mode along with the game mode activated seems to enhance the visual quality of the games. The combination appears to deliver a more appealing gaming experience.

By the way, if you're interested in exploring more tech-related topics, I'd like to recommend checking out this website: youtube revanced pc. It could provide some valuable insights and tools for optimizing your visual and digital experiences.

Feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts on this picture settings experiment. Have any of you encountered similar disparities between different modes on your TVs? Let's keep this discussion going! 📺🎮

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