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Picture settings experiment Normal vs Movie

So I have a 32 inch Onn Roku tv, 8522X. Yes it's not the newest or best TV but maybe this applies for others. I was experimenting with the picture settings with normal and the movie mode. I matched the fine tune picture settings with both.. Backlight 100, brightness 50, color 50, sharpness 0 contrast 100.. both movie and normal have both these settings set to this now when I switch them I can see the movie mode is still slightly different than the normal mode. What's weird is the movie mode seems to be a little more brighter or more contrast than the normal mode and the normal mode is more darker despite the fine tune settings being matched the exact same settings. Sometimes I don't know which is better to use because sometimes the normal mode seems to crush the blacks more and the movie mode seems more balanced. I'm also a gamer and I've been using movie mode with the game mode turned on and I think it helps make the games look better 

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