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New Roku 4k + Cant turn Roku off without turning tv off

Can't just turn off new Roku 4k + without turning tv off. I can change my input to HDMI for cable and the Roku light remains lit. Old Roku would turn off after I would change between the Roku HDMI and the cable HDMI input. If Roku remains on, I'm afraid it will get to hot and destroy itself. During remote set up I see no option for the remote to not turn off my tv and just turn off the Roku. Brothers new 4K+ has the same problems but the light on his will come on and go off when Roku is not in use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: New Roku 4k + Cant turn Roku off without turning tv off

Hi @lst1194

Thanks for your first post in the Roku Community. 

Roku streaming players are low-power devices that are designed to remain on and always connected to the internet. There is no “power button” to press on or off. This easy-to-use design prevents confusion by enabling instant access to your player any time you turn on your TV or switch from another source (e.g., cable box, Blu-ray™ player, gaming console).

If your Roku streaming player is placed inside a cabinet or other enclosed space, especially with other electronic equipment, it may overheat.

For reference, our FAQ provides additional information and complete steps on how to set up your voice remote to control your TV.

Hope this helps answer your concern. Keep us posted if you need additional support. 


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Re: New Roku 4k + Cant turn Roku off without turning tv off

When we are watching some other source, such as cable or antenna TV, is the Roku still using my internet bandwidth? If so, how do I turn the Roku off without having to turn the TV off too? Also how can I un-program the Roku remote so that it does not control my TV's power and volume?

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Re: New Roku 4k + Cant turn Roku off without turning tv off

@skhittle I didn't see this post when I answered your other post but as I indicated there is no way to turn off the Roku, however going to the home screen will stop the Roku from using any significant bandwidth.