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Need IP address where TCL Roku TV's get their updates from.

We had a new circuit provisioned from Spectrum/Charter for a new church campus and were having a lot of issues with this circuit.  A lot of websites hosted in AWS Cloud we were not able to reach.  Which they did resolve after we provided Trace Routes.  We have about 10 TCL TV's of various models that will not get their updates. 

We cannot reach support.tcl.com from our campus and I suspect that this TV issue is on their side.  But I cannot provide trace routes to prove my case.  If I can get the IP address or the website where the updates are hosted that would help me out.  I just found this link after coming home from being at the building and may try it later https://tvupdate.roku.com  This is for the manual update method as you probably know.  

Any help would be appreciated!


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