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Re: My windows 11 laptop won't screen mirror to my Roku TV

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I have a brand new Asus A15 RTX-based laptop that refuses to connect to my Roku Ultra.  Much like other posters have said, the progress bar gets about 1/3 of the way then it just quits. On the laptop side the first time I try to connect as a wireless display, Windows 11 UI sometimes will give me an option to select what to do with the display (duplicate, extend, etc) but ultimately the connection is dropped either as I am making a selection or just as I notice the UI change and go to make a selection. I have tried a multitude of troubleshooting steps including:

  • Using a 2.4 vs 5 ghz network off my router
  • Ensuring the network is private
  • I have turned off Windows firewall
  • I have disabled windows defender (I have no other AV on the system)
  • I have rebooted both devices multiple times.
  • All patches and hardware drivers are up to date

I have confirmed a 2 y.o. Lenovo can screen share just fine with this particular roku, and that laptop runs windows 11, but it is not a wifi 6 laptop as this Asus is. Is there an issue with laptops that use wifi 6 trying to screenshare with rokus like this?  Is there anything I missed I could try to try to make this work. Was really hoping to screencast from this laptop and really frustrating that it can't.


Re: My windows 11 laptop won't screen mirror to my Roku TV

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