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Media Player - USB Stick loading slow

Our Roku TV recently has been running our USB slideshow slow. In the beginning of using the TV we never saw any loading wheels when moving image to image. Fast forward to now as I'm writing this, each slide takes 3 seconds per slide to load. I have tried factory resetting the TV, cleared the devices cache & we have tried different USB sticks to see if the drive itself was the issue. Unfortunately none of the other drives are fixing these loading times. I hope that there is someone else who can help!

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Re: Media Player - USB Stick loading slow

I'm having this exact same issue and it started about the same time.  I wondered if there was an update to the TV software that's created this issue?

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Roku Guru

Re: Media Player - USB Stick loading slow

Re: Game mode stuttering on with 10.0 update

I have no idea whether this will help, for sure, but based on the possible sidetracking of your media stream by Roku's software so it can be identified, and information sold to advertisers, check the following:

Go to Settings > Privacy > advertising > limit ad tracking  (check box to ON)

Again,  Settings > Privacy > Smart TV experience >  (uncheck use info from TV inputs;  uncheck Enable auto notifications)

The rationale behind this is that these settings sidetrack your media material stream to provide Roku with saleable information.  If the under powered CPU in your TV isn't working on this junk, it might actually be able to keep up with your actual media stream.

Let us all know how this works out.

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