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Live TV Sidebar Categories

Just curious why there is no "Antenna TV" category on the Live TV guide sidebar?
There are categories for everything else, but not one for Antenna TV.
Antenna TV is labeled on a section of the actual Live TV guide as is "all channels, recent, recommended favorites, etc.. 
It's just not listed as a category while all the others are listed ....??

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Re: Live TV Sidebar Categories

Not a bad idea, but a major source of revenue for Roku is via selling advertising "space" by hosting internet-based streaming channels - they make nothing on OTA broadcast/antenna TV, so most certainly aren't interested in facilitating its use any more than they have to. In fact, I'm quite sure they'd prefer we don't watch broadcast/antenna TV at all, being it's significant viewing competition for their revenue-generating streaming channels. 

Just you wait... In the future, don't be at all surprised if Roku pulls numerous OS "tweaks" that make it more cumbersome to access and watch OTA, broadcast TV (they've done it before). Such is the typical modern-day, corporate standard MO of nudging the ethical boundaries of free-for-all money grabbing, wherever and whenever they can - users be d@mned. 😠

And the antenna TV channels are all bunched together at the head of the "All channels" list, anyway (channels 1 - 69), so I can't see much reason to further clutter up the categories list with a dedicated "Antenna TV" category. Just "Favorite" an antenna/OTA station, and Bam! - you're there, via "Favorites", just the same. Well... sort of...

JMHO, anyhow...


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Re: Live TV Sidebar Categories

I would agree with this EXCEPT every time I turn on the Roku TV it asks me to do an OTA antenna scan.
If they didn't care about OTA TV, for revenue reasons or whatever, then why would this prompt be showing up every day ...???

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Live TV Sidebar Categories

Hi @bryank59,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

May we know when you started having this issue? What Roku device is affected? What have you done so far to fix the issue?

We'll need a few more details to further assess this issue, so please keep us posted.


Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Live TV Sidebar Categories

First off, It's not an issue.

It's more of a suggestion.

On the Live TV guide there are categories on the left ...movies, sports, kids & family, favorites, recent, etc...
Well, why isn't there a "Antenna TV" category in the sidebar categories as well?

The sidebar is supposed to make it faster/easier to navigate to your favorite channels or genres on the guide, and it does ....except for navigating to the Antenna TV section of the guide.

All roku devices are affected because none of them have this feature on the Live TV guide

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