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I didn't realize I can only have one account per email,how do I fix it without messing up my rental?

I have a roku in a place I rent in another town. I just got roku at home and put in my email address for the set up without realizing/remembering that my rental has that email address for the roku The rental roku has subscriptions that were added by the property manager and I want to use my own subscriptions for home. But of course the rental set up is showing up at my house now, like their hulu for example. Can I change the email address for my home roku without messing up the roku in my rental? Now that they're intertwined (both logged into my email) I don't know how to back out. I can't log out of their hulu at my house because it will then be logging it out of my rental as well. I didn't realize this would happen. I wish roku would let you manage more than one account per email : (  Obviously not real familiar with roku. Any tips welcome. Thank you!

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Re: I didn't realize I can only have one account per email,how do I fix it without messing up my ren

The only way to change the Roku account a Roku device is linked to is to factory reset it.  That doesn't affect any other devices linked to the other account.  Any subscriptions that are paid through Roku are tied to the Roku account, so if that Hulu subscription is paid through Roku you wouldn't be able to use it on a Roku device linked to a different Roku account.  Subscriptions that aren't paid through Roku generally have a way to log in and out that doesn't have anything to do with which Roku account a device is linked to.

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