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Extremely Poor Menu System

I want to let the Roku team know I do not plan on purchasing another Roku device due to the changes they've made to the Live TV menu. Since I was unable to find a good place to place email them I am posting it here. Its been months and I have not seen any improvements. 

When I watch tv I usually want to relax, not be frustrated by a horrible menu and I cannot think of a worse menu system. 

The problem: The current menu places viewers in the middle of a 1000+ channels with "All Channels" as default. Moving to the "Favorites" forces us to the lowest numbered channel. If we want a channel near the other end, we can't just scroll "up" to that channel (as with the other end of a loop), we are forced to scroll "down" through the 100+ channels we've favored. There is no way to set the "Favorites" as the default (at least none that I've found - and I've wasted way too much time on YouTube looking for an answer). 

The solution 1: Use a persistent menu, the last menu we chose is what opens the next time. The channel chosen will be present because we chose the channel from the menu. 

The solution 2: Allow the user to set the default menu and have the menu open to the channel in that default location. If the current channel is not in the default menu temporarily add it with a unique highlight. 

With both of these solutions:

1) Open at the channel we are currently on. 

2) Loop each menu category. When we come to the end of the current list we are taken to the other end. For example, if our favorites has 100 channels, when we scroll up from the 1st channel we go to channel 100, followed by 99, etc. Likewise, going the other way, channel 100 is followed by channel 1, then 2, etc.

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