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CNN APP does not work on Breezeline

When I attempt to start CNN app with my provider Bereezeline on my Roku Express, I get the message "This video  is unavailable right now, Please try again later".  I did successfully activate CNN with my provider Breezeline, but I still get this error.  It have been going on for months now.  I have restarted the Roku device, signed out of CNN, Removed CNN and reinstalled, checked for updates for CNN and Roku.  Nothing has worked yet.

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Re: CNN APP does not work on Breezeline

Hello @PortRoyal

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku community!

If restarting your device and re-adding the channel does not resolve the issue, I suggest contacting the channel's support directly to report the problem and request further assistance. Many channels on Roku are created and maintained by the channel provider themselves, so they are best equipped to help. If other channels are working without issue, and the problem only occurs on a particular channel, it is likely that the problem is specific to that channel. In such cases, the channel provider will need to investigate the problem to determine a resolution.


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Re: CNN APP does not work on Breezeline

I had this issue too. Tried uninstalling and restarting TV, and would not fix. I signed out of CNN and the reactivated my account and it started working. Looks like a verification bug.

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