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Audio quality of native apps vs Roku apps

Dear Audiophiles,

Plz help.  I’ve asked around, but no luck.

I have an LG C9 OLED 4K/UHD TV and Yamaha TSR700 AVR and Roku Ultra 4640.

My audio setup is 5.1.2 which can play Atmos/DD+ while streaming (or Atmos/True HD while watching a Blu Ray).

My TV has native apps including Prime Video, Peacock, etc.  Of course the Roku does too.  When I play a title from the tv’s Peacock app, the audio is DD/DSur.  When I play the same title from Peacock on Roku, the audio is DD+/DSur.  Same is true of many Hulu titles and numerous non-Atmos titles on Prime Video.  (Netflix from the tv or the Roku plays in DD+/DSur.)

Why is the audio different on tv’s app vs Roku’s app even though I’m playing the same title from the same app eg Peacock or Hulu or Prime Video?  I’ve asked the apps, and they have no answer.

Is DD+/DSur always higher audio quality than DD/DSur?

Why is the latter significantly louder than the former?  My understanding is that louder does not mean higher quality.

I’m trying to figure out whether watching from tv app vs Roku app gives me higher audio quality.

Thanks in advance for your kind guidance!

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