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Streambar with Sony Bravia TV; I want the sound, not the Roku menu/remote

Hi -- attempted to search on this issue but could not figure out the right keywords.

We are thinking of getting a Roku streambar for our Sony Bravia tv. My impression is that if I plug the streambar into my tv, the streambar will want to take over the TV and I will need to use the Roku remote to turn the TV and streambar on.

BUT: all we want is the enhanced sound. We do not need the Roku video streaming because my wife likes the customized set of apps we have on the TV. We don't want to use the Roku remote because she understands how to use the TV remote to get to the services she wants.

So I guess my requirements are:

  • Plug streambar into the tv for the enhanced sound
  • Power up the streambar and TV with the Sony TV remote
  • Control streambar volume with the Sony TV remote
  • Avoid using the Roku remote if we can help it; using only the TV remote makes life easier
  • Being able to bluetooth to the streambar to play music from our phones would be an added bonus but is not a requirement.

My suspicion is I'll need to use a soundbar that does not try to stream video; that would simplify the relationship between soundbar and tv.

Thanks for any clues.

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