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50in 50S450R screen black

Brand new TCL Roku TV was working for 1 hour and then went black... 50in model 50S450R.

Has sound ... But no screen 

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Re: 50in 50S450R screen black

Hi @KRF06,

A warm welcome to the Roku Community!

Can you please provide us with more specific information about the issue you are experiencing? Does the issue occur on a specific channel or all channels on your Roku device? What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far to try to resolve the issue?

We recommend restarting your Roku TV. Go to Settings > System > Power > System Restart, unplug your TV for 10–15 minutes, then plug it back in to resolve the issue.

Please keep us posted on how it goes, and we'll continue assisting you from there.

All the best,


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Re: 50in 50S450R screen black

Roku TV TCL Black Screen on display


My 75 inch Roku TV is behaving similar to others here. It just went black all of a sudden without any warning. The sound works and I can see the LED power light flash on the TV indicating it is receiving a signal everytime I press a button on the remote control.

I have already tried all the options posted here in this thread as well as called TCL customer service line and walked through all general troubleshooting options with tech without any luck. 

-No recovery menu opens after holding the reset button for 30 seconds or any period of time. 

-Both soft and hard power cycle failed.

  • When was the last time TV was used without issue
    • 05/01/2023 @ around 3pm PST
  • When was the issue first noticed
    • 05/01/2023 @ around 4pm PST
  • Is the issue popping up when you start the TV
    • Yes
  • Is the issue happening during a content playback
    • Happens immediately on turning on the TV
  • brand and model TV (this can be seen on the back of the TV)
    • TCL 75S421
  • Press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times to obtain a tracker ID(we are aware that this tracker ID will be unseen due to the black screen)
    • Tracker created 05/02/2023 @ 9:30 am PST
  • can you see a picture on the screen with the use of a flashlight
    • No
  • Serial Number


When I turn on the tv it is just a lit black screen, so it goes from pitch black to a lightly luminated black screen when powered on now. This TV is only a few years old and lightly used. If this was an firmware update from Roku, is there a way to roll back version? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I have replaced the mother board, power supply board and two T-con boards (these were refurbished, so I tried parts from different manufacturers just to see if it would change anything, but no!  In a last chance ditch effort, I have also ordered replacement LED strip lights, but after that what’s left? Other than the physical materials of the TV chassis there is nothing else I can do and nothing has worked yet. It’s a Bummer! It will be hard to leave any positive feedback for this product.


Link to discussion

Roku TV TCL Black Screen on display - Page 30 - Roku Community


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