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YouTube TV sound volume issues

Why is there issues with the volume level on YouTube TV? My local NBC station the volume level is so loud it blows you out of the room and needs to be turned way down yet most of the other channels the volume is so low I have to turn the volume way way up to hear it. Hope this can be fixed. Very annoying. 

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Re: YouTube TV sound volume issues


There are some volume leveling features on Roku that may or may not help. Give those a try.

If they don't help, you may wish to reach out to the developer of the app regarding your issue. That's Google.

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Re: YouTube TV sound volume issues


You didnt mention your model # or firmware version or YTTV app version.

Google recently enabled 5.1 (DD/AC3) audio playback for Live TV, and this may be the source of the volume disparity.

As @DBDukes  explained, Google is responsible for the content (including volume levels) of its content and is the best party able to fix the content of one channel's volume, and you can otherwise try the Sound/Volume Modes for your device as @DBDukes suggests to alleviate the volume disparity.

If Sound/Volume Mode's (such as Leveling/Night Mode) don't work, try changing your audio output to stereo:  Settings/Audio/Audio mode = Stereo and/or Settings/Audio/Digital output format = Stereo