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Re: YouTube TV playback issues

@Ello2022, please stop mentioning me in your replies. You are posting the same information repeatedly, which is not helpful. My situation clearly is not the same as yours. The fact that you are not experiencing issues does not invalidate that I am.

Regardless of whose engineers coded the YT TV app, Roku is distributing it on the Roku Channel Store. Therefore, I come to Roku for support.

Community Support Forums are great when they actually provide support. Since you aren't able to assist with the problem I'm having, please kindly refrain from generating any further noise in my direction.

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Re: YouTube TV playback issues

@MikeyInSoCal  Roku isn’t distributing YouTube TV or any other channel that they did not develop. You have yet to do any troubleshooting. You refuse yo understand that a Roku Express is an inferior product to a Roku Ultra. There is a $70 price difference for a reason. So let’s try this again. 
Think of a Roku like a smartphone. Instead of apps it uses channels. Let’s look at Apple. Apple makes the iPhone. Companies design apps to work with iOS. Facebook for example develops an app to work with iOS. They release it to the Apple App Store for all iPhones users to download. If there is an issue with Facebook it’s not Apples job to fix it. It’s Metas. Same goes for Roku. Google develops the YouTube TV channel and released it to the Roku channel store for all Roku users to download. If something is wrong with the channel it’s not Roku’s responsibility to fix it. It’s Googles. Does that make sense? 
Now you own a Roku Express and a Roku Ultra. You haven’t mentioned which Roku Express model you own so I assume it’s the base model. The base model Roku Express is only $30. It’s only $30 for a reason. It’s slower and only can connect to the slower 2.4 GHz WiFi network. It’s a signal band unit. The 2.4 GHz WiFi is slower then the 5.0 GHz

Your Roku Ultra is the top of line Roku. It’s $100 and has the best of everything. It’s dual band and works off the 5.0 GHz WiFi. It also has an Ethernet port.

Ypu cannot compare the two. If you go to settings/ network and run a check connection test you will find the Express is slower in Mbps. Which means it will stream slower. Hence why your seeing issues on the Express and not Ultra. Also the farther  away a device is from the router or modem the slower the connection will be. 
I own 10 Roku devices. I cut the cord years ago. YouTube TV is my main source of entertainment. I bought a 32” TCL Roku TV for my bedroom. I also have a 65” TCL Roku TV in my living room. Opening channels is slower on my 32” then my 65”. Opening YouTube TV, scrolling the guide and watching recordings are slower on my 32” then my .65”. YouTube TV will hang at times on my 32”. I understand this and are aware of it cause my 65” has superior hardware and costs $400 more then my 32”. Do I blame Roku? No. 
Roku does not have anything to do with your recordings in YouTube TV nor can they address it or fix it. Google has to. If it was Roku’s issue then Roku would develop YouTube TV and on demand, live tv and recordings would all be effected. 
Hope that clears things up

What assistance do you seek? Roku can’t magically fix YouTube TV. It’s not on them to fix. Go to Google support. There is no newer version of YouTube TV. The only version is the one in the Roku channel store

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Re: YouTube TV playback issues

@MikeyInSoCal  Right from the Roku channel store. 2.21.9400576B969B3F6-D2CC-498B-9CD3-8450F8362836.jpeg


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Re: YouTube TV playback issues


Thanks for the posts.

If you are still experiencing an issue with channel playback, you'll want to contact the channel provider support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 



Danny R.
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