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Will Roku make C-SPAN available again?

When I first was using a Roku stick some years ago, I could access C-SPAN. As I'm working to cut my cable cord, I have now found that I can't due to C-SPAN/CSPAN2/CSPAN3 TV events. It was to some relief that The Weather Channel finally made it a subscription service this year through Roku (which was another channel I was going to have to ditch when cord-cutting but ended up subscribing now. A Relief!). 
If CSPAN is not available, will Roku make another web app so that, at the very least, the live streams can be viewed off their website? (You used to have a web-browser app, if I recall although I can't find it anymore today).

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Re: Will Roku make C-SPAN available again?

For the most part Roku doesn't create the channels/apps.  When it was available you can bet the developer didn't have the rights, so it was removed.  Any web browser channel/app was also in violation of Roku's ToS and as I recall barely worked anyway.  Casting is sometimes an alternative where you start the stream on one device like a phone or computer and then cast it to your Roku device, but it's not something I've ever used so I don't know if it would work in this case.

C-SPAN is available from at least DirectTV Stream and probably some of the other cable alternatives, but I don't know of any free source for it.  I think you'll quickly find that these "cable alternatives" are just going down the same road that probably made you want to get rid of cable in the first place.

Roku has a blog post about cable alternatives:
6 cable alternatives and live TV streaming services (2022)

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Re: Will Roku make C-SPAN available again?


You can always use the YouTube app, which has a live feed:     (for all live feeds)