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Reel Rookie

Video Problems with Royalbox BBC Iplayer

how do i contact the provider of royalbox?

Reel Rookie

Re: Video Problems with Royalbox BBC Iplayer

try... (Royalbox BBC)


This is what I sent them. I eventually received a refund from Roku. Good luck!

"I added/payed $4.99 for this streaming app (Royalbox BBC iPlayer) to my Roku Ultra. The app crashes everytime I try to watch something. Tried restarting system several times which does not fix the problem. I uninstalled the app, but when I went to reinstall it I was going to be charged $4.99 again. So basically this app does not work. Information from the real BBC iPlayer representative stated this app is not affiliated with them. I looked to contact the company Royalbox BBC iPlayer, but they are no where to be found. It's as if the company does not exist. Am I just out the $4.99?. Roku should really look into this app and remove it from the Roku services as it does not work. Save your customers from losing their money on this app"

Roku Guru

Re: Video Problems with Royalbox BBC Iplayer

A former work colleague used to work in BBC iPlayer app development.  Unfortunately he has moved on (I would be hitting him up on LinkedIn about Royalbox).

Anyone who has issues with Royalbox should complain to CEO of BBC, as BBC is not enforcing copyright/licence on their content properly, and should be taking legal action to shut Royalbox down.

Also worth contacting head of ITV UK,  and the head of OfCom (UK Government department that governs broadcasting in UK incl. BBC), head is a recent appointment Lord Michael Grade, who is very much a TV industry insider in the UK for many years).

Not a Roku employee
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Re: All4 channel no longer working

I am having trouble with All 4, bbc i player and ITV hub. I’ve tried uninstalling restarting and reinstalling to no avail. Any other suggestions please?

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Binge Watcher

Re: All4 channel no longer working

No, I agree from the point of view of All4, My5 and ITV Hub, Roku is a complete waste of time!

I was interested in purchasing a new Roku with sound bar but with only half the advertised channels it’s just not worth it!

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Channel Surfer

Re: BBC iPlayer not loading 2022

I did a factory reset and still can’t load any uk players 

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Reel Rookie

Royalbox and royalbox ITV

I love my royal box and Royal box ITV and now it says channel has been removed !! I didn’t even get an email .. I paid for both of them and now they are gone with no explanation.. does anyone know what happened ? 

Royalbox itv & bbc not working

Anyone else having issues with Royalbox?  It appears as "currently not available ".

What happened?  It was working fine yesterday morning than in the evening it disappeared. 

Roku Guru

Re: Royalbox itv & bbc not working

Which Roku model do you have?

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Reel Rookie

Re: Royalbox itv & bbc not working

i have an insignia roku tv...

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