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Re: The Roku Crackle channel/App no longer works in Puerto Rico only mobile app works

@DBDukes wrote:

@PunkMaister wrote:

Oh and I'm not the only one it seems to be affecting all Roku users who use the Crackle Roku channel/app that live on all the unincorporated US territories.

I'm running OS 11.0.0 b4193

Crackle 7.0 b16

If  you have the same software running, then there is no issue with that app/OS combination. If that's the case, it may be best to contact Crackle directly.

As I've said before I have already contacted Crackle support but have received nothing beyond their confirmation email that the email got there.


The unsupported region error me and everyone living in unincorporated US territories when using their Roku Channel/app has to be without question a catastrophic software update bug that has rendered it useless with no recourse but deletion until further notice.


The OS build (not Channel/App) version you got is identical except in the lettering at the end. While yours reportedly reads b4193 mine reads 4193-AE


And yes it is up to date on my end I did check for updates.

And the only Channel/App that cease to work after the last update was indeed Crackle.

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