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Roku Guru

YouTube "Kids" gets another nail in the coffin

Periodically there has been requests (or even demands) that so-called "YouTube Kids" be made available on Roku.

My stance is there is no such thing as a safe for Kids version of YouTube.  It is a fraudulent title rubber stamped onto an app by Alphabet's idea of artificial intelligence.  As such, it comes as no surprise to run across this article recently: 

The short of it is even if the person uploading the video marked it as 18+, the AI of YouTube can change and *LOCK* the video as being safe for children.  Once locked that way, the content creator can only change it back through a lengthy process of contacting YouTube support.

There may still be videos that the content creators hadn't notice their age rating has been forcibly changed.  But in YouTube rush to pad their numbers of "safe" for "kids" videos are now added to the list for children to see.

From the article:

A Team YouTube rep replied on Twitter saying, "We may override the audience setting if there's an error or abuse (through automated systems and manual review) – but, we know we sometimes make mistakes."

Seriously YouTube?  You *KNOW* the AI sometimes makes mistakes on what to show children and continue to use it anyways?!  This is the "YouTube Kids" that they want parent to try??

How many video featuring death do others think children should see because an AI thinks it is safe for kids?

Roku Guru

Re: YouTube "Kids" gets another nail in the coffin

@belilaufer wrote:

"Seriously YouTube? You *KNOW* the AI sometimes makes mistakes on what to show children and continue to use it anyways?! This is the "YouTube Kids" that they want parent to try??"


Not sometimes, but every time I leave my kids with YT on, in the span of 30-45 minutes, YT will serve it something other than content for children.

True, which is what it seems "YouTube Kids" app was created to address.  But they are playing fast and loose with what it means to have a kid "safe" app and I am glad it has never been released on Roku.

There are plenty of other channels on Roku (it even has its own category of "Kids & Family") that take seriously providing carefully *HUMAN* curated content for kids.  I don't understand the appeal of attempt to turn YouTube into something it is not and can never be.

If Alphabet/Google wants to provide a real kids video service, they should do so as something new that is built from the ground up with rules and procedures strictly focus on kids content.  It should never be a cheap fast-tracked method of "filtering" YouTube into something "safe."

Have you ever tried the PBS Kids channel for Roku instead?