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Reel Rookie

Roku claims to support Sirius/XM

Roku claims that they support Sirius/XM by saying. “Can you stream SiriusXM on Roku? SiriusXM on Your Roku Devices SiriusXM subscribers can access their favorite sounds with a frictionless Roku experience to soundtrack whatever's going on using their Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Express, or Roku TV. It's so simple to set up. To play SiriusXM on Roku: 1.” I just bought a very nice TCL Roku TV last year and the Sirius/XM app worked great until the May 18, 2022 software update. Also, I have never listened to this app on the TV speakers. I have output the audio to an old Fisher Stereo system that sounds great. I don’t know where the person who is claims that only 0.001% is getting his data from? I suspect he is just making it up. This is how I want to stream Sirius/XM. It worked fine until the update. Get it fixed even if I’m only a part of only the “0.001 % because this is what I paid for was advertised to do. I’m not going to buy a fire stick. I’ll just listen to YouTube music videos from now on and cancel Sirius/XM and listen to FM radio in the car.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku claims to support Sirius/XM

You failed to read properly. Roku never claimed anything about SiriusXM or any other channel. SiriusXM radio claims you can stream there service on Roku. Companies such as Netflix, Hulu and SiriusXm develop there channels to work on Roku. If that channel does not work as designed it is not up to Roku to address the issue. When you buy an iPhone and download the Facebook app to it and the app does not work properly is that Apples fault? No it is Metas since they are the developer of the app. SiriusXM developers need to update the channel to work with Roku OS 11. Roku does not need to fix anything. It is not there issue to fix. 

Companies develop channels and advertise them to be used on various devices. One of those devices are Roku. Your thinking is backwards

Roku Guru

Re: Roku claims to support Sirius/XM

I searched for the text @ChasLundquist quoted and search engines found multiple places on SiriusXM’s site but not on Roku’s site.  So, it appears to be SiriusXM that clams that, rather than Roku. Roku is usually careful to include disclaimers like: "channels can change" right on their retail packages, because they know "stuff happens".