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Reel Rookie

Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

I rarely use your platform anymore because you continue to disrespect my choice to only use English in my home!!  I will use other apps first when trying to watch a show or movie because in my home I have the right to boycott any other language while living in America.  I am not against other languages as second language... however... when I choose English as my language on your app you should respect my wishes!! Anyone watching English programming can understand English or they wouldn't be watching it.  There is no need to air a different language!!!.. If they want to hear spanish or any other language then they can choose that language programming in your app.  THINK.... would you disrespect an Asian speaking programming by airing spanish commercials????!!!  If so... I hope they boycott you also.......

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

Ads are purchased by the advertisers.  In most systems they can choose the programs, type of programs, or regions into which their ads are placed.  If the advertisers thinks it is worthwhile for them place ads in languages other than english there is nothing to prevent them from doing so.

I suspect you won't find the ads much different on other platforms than Roku.

Get used to it.  If it doesn't apply to you, just laugh at their folly of wasting their advertising dollars.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Reel Rookie

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

Sorry, but that is false info..  I work in the advertising field and have done so for over 25 years.

A mismatched language placed on a specific language format can and is controlled by most platforms.

Only those who disregard the respect of a language or are just flat out derelict in their duties will leave the window open for misplacement of an ad by language region.  Even fully automated buying systems for programmatic ads has a language filter for each language region on any platform.

ANY language commercial other than ENGLISH on an English language platform <OR> vise versa displays an outright disrespect to that language and it's people!!!

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

I totally agree with all peoples complaining about spanish speaking commercials on america's english channels. I know that Mexico channels in Mexico do not show english speaking commercials!!

  Please put a stop to it roku!!

Channel Surfer

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

I get virtually all Spanish ads in Roku. Something is seriously messed up. If it was just every once in a while I wouldn't think twice about it. But it's like 90% Spanish. Something is seriously wrong. I live in an area with VERY little Spanish speaking residents (northern Ohio). 


Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

This just started for me using You Tube Tv and MLB.TV. Ads are bad enough without having to listen in a  language that is not your choice. Further proof that we are all here to make money for advertisers and corporate America. The question is how do we push back to get rid of this annoyance? If find this infuriating!

Reel Rookie

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

The only thing you can do is get rid of your ROKU stick and close your account on any platform that does this.

I sold my roku sticks (to someone who speaks So he had no issues about it.

I switched to the fire stick, closed any accounts that had this language issue, and now I no longer have language issues with commercials.

Money talks.. but it is going to take alot of people to stand up for their right and pull their money away from them.

Untill then.. Understand... There are way too many platforms out there... You do not have to be held hostage to any platforms way that they choose to air their commercials.

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

I understand Roku has full control of this and to change platforms may be the only way to get it changed in the long run.  My question is why does Roku have 2 separate places to select a language, one for the Roku default language and another for ads based language and even with both selections on English only, why Roku even has the selection option if they are not going to honor it?  I have been flooded with Spanish ads as well and I’m frustrated.  I first noticed it on haystack news and when I complained to them directly they said it shouldn’t be happening and there ads were fixed.  However other apps (like my local kake+ app ) has been showing only Spanish ads still. I think it’s a technical bug with how Roku passes information to the ad providers but other than the app support, I’ve not gotten any responses from Roku directly.   

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

Hi @NoOneSpecial,

Greetings from the Roku Community!

We appreciate you letting us know about the Spanish ads that are showing when you are streaming. Please be advised that the English selection for menu language is for the overall functionality and instructions of Roku. Also, Roku only transmits the channel and is not responsible for the ads and contents within an app. The respective channel is solely responsible for choosing the content and ads, and we have no control over the programming or operation of the channel. We recommend contacting the affected channel's support team to report the issue and for further help.
In addition, please be aware that while we can't please everyone with the displayed ads, we strive to avoid offensive images and other things that Roku users might disagree with.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
Roku Community Moderator

Re: Stop the spanish ads on english language chosen content!!!!

Many yes, The ones worth anything are the perps. The woke media  and entertainment tycoons are all pushing the same narrative as our faux government. It all started when we cancelled our pledge of allegiance, and now they have gone to extremes by interfering in private with our children in school allowing a child to consider their gender identity and keeping the discussion confidential and allowed by law to keep undisclosed to everyone including parents. What have they done to this nation. Protect yourselves, Its coming, We need America Great Again!

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