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Reel Rookie

Spotify app keeps Roku awake

I'm pretty new to Roku. I have a Roku Express 4K+, which I use mainly for playing audio for the kids on Spotify and Youtube.

I have a HDMI > HDMI+SPDIF+3.5 Jack converter, which is connected to my older Samsung TV and to my Samsung soundbar. This works great, as I can have audio only, and I manually switch on the TV if I need video too.

With Youtube, after I pause the playback, the Roku goes to standby in 20 minutes, and as there's no SPDIF signal, the soundbar does the same in another 5 minutes. So pretty cool.


But not with the Spotify app. If I select the Roku as a playback device in the Spotify app, and I stop playing music, the Roku stays awake until I manually exit the Spotify app.


Does anyone know why it behaves like this? Any way to change it? I could not find any setting or anything.

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Roku Guru

Re: Spotify app keeps Roku awake

Not all apps are programmed with compatibility with/usage of all available hardware/RokuOS features.

Try turning off/on "Auto power savings":  Settings/System/Power/Auto power savings

FYI, enabling this setting causes all sorts of odd/problematic behavior otherwise.

Its not clear why the Roku "being awake" is a problem for you, since they are very lower power devices (Roku added this setting for newer models more recently, and its very problematic).

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Reel Rookie

Re: Spotify app keeps Roku awake

Thank you for your response. I tried this a few times, unfortunately it didn't help.

The reason why I'd like the Roku to go to standby is that it also triggers standby mode for the soundbar. When there's no SPDIF signal, it goes to sleep after ~5 minutes. And the soundbar is not a low power device, unlike the Roku as you said.

So if it worked fine, like with the Youtube app, it would be a nice "zero touch" solution. We could select the Roku to stream to and both the Roku and the soundbar wake up. And ~25 minutes after stopping the music, both devices go to sleep without using the remote control.

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