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Row8 - deceptive trade practice for rentals

Beware the tricky and unstated terms for rental of movies with Row8.  It's not like any other rental system. You start with 30 days to watch the movie, but once you start it, you must finish it. They say this is stated, but I have no recollection of seeing this warning, and really it makes no sense anyway. Then, if you stop watching, and want to come back to it later to finish, you're shut out. You have to pay another rental fee.  And there's nobody around to work with you on the matter - no phone number, no chatbot, nothing but email that takes a day for a response. When email does respond, it's to tell you you're stupid and can't read and they don't really care that their "terms of use" are tricky and devious, and designed to soak the unwary. No offer to refund or compensate in any way. 

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Re: Row8 - deceptive trade practice for rentals

Their FAQ says: "You can start playback of a rental anytime within 30 days of rental. Once you've started, you can watch the movie as many times as you like within the next 48 hours."

So you shouldn't have to finish it immediately.

For what it's worth, I didn't find the FAQ to be hard to find, or overly verbose or full of lawyerly language.  And their limits are pretty typical in my experience.  (Same as Amazon's for example.)


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Re: Row8 - deceptive trade practice for rentals

I don't do much movie rentals, but if anything, it's better than some such as various cable OnDemand services. You usually have 24-48 hours to start AND finish from when you pay. Being able to wait 30 days seems like a big bonus. Having 48 hours to view it once started seems common. In fact, what @Strega2 noted are the EXACT same conditions used by Amazon Prime. 

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