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Resolution change without seeing the screen

Help needed!! I can’t see anything on my tv and I know I need to adjust the resolution. Does anyone know how to adjust the resolution without being able to see the screen or know how to reset the resolution? 

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Re: Resolution change without seeing the screen

Hi @RonnieBeas

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

We recommend doing a restart of the Roku. Settings > System > System restart. Then If that doesn't work, try adjusting the Display type settings manually Settings > Display type, and set it to your set's actual resolution instead of "Auto detect"

We suggest also checking this page for tips and troubleshooting steps for this type of issue: How do I change the display type on my Roku® streaming player?


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Re: Resolution change without seeing the screen

The question asked is how to change or go back to a lower resolution because they can't see the screen.  You've provided instructions if you can see the screen.