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Re: Local Fox channel advertises it is available on Roku but I am unable to find it anywhere.

Unable to create a new post on this site and my post from 2021 still holds true.  Here's my update as of today 7/17/23....

I never have been able to get the local Fox 26 in Houston on my previous Roku devices that I had for 6 or 7 years so resorted to an outside antenna where I could also get the local PBS channel.  That antenna was hit by lightning on June 6 as well as both of my tv's and Roku devices.  I now have one tv with built-in Roku and a smaller tv with a Roku Express device.  Finally, I noticed an icon for Fox Now so clicked on it and I was FINALLY able to get the local Fox channel as well as watch their Sunday church services with Dr. David Jeremiah and the following John Ankerberg Show.  Everything was going fine until about 2 days ago, when clicking on Fox Now changed and I'm only able to get the local news.  This makes absolutely no sense that I'm unable to watch a LOCAL channel.  Guess I have no choice but to resort to getting it on the replaced antenna.  I have recommended Roku to many, many people but am now just waiting for them to complain to me about these same issues and also Netflix and Prime crashing.  Having Roku has become somewhat of a disaster!
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Re: Local Fox channel advertises it is available on Roku but I am unable to find it anywhere.

Hi @Tonibelle,

Thanks for posting here at the Roku Community!

Please be advised that FOX NOW is no longer available; please enjoy these other great apps from FOX. Whether sports, news, local updates, or entertainment content, we want to create deeper engagement and ensure viewers can seamlessly explore and enjoy their favorite content within our ecosystem of brand-specific apps such as FOX Sports, FOX News, FOX Local, and Tubi.

With regards to the Netflix and Prime app crashing, follow the troubleshooting steps provided below to help you troubleshoot your device/TV:

  • Remove the app/channel: press Home > Move to the right and highlight the channel you wish to remove > press Star* > Remove channel
  • Reboot your device's system: press Home > Settings > System > System restart
  • Install the app/channel again: press Home > select Store > find Netflix or Prime app/channel > Add channel

Also, keep in mind that these steps need to be done precisely. If the issue is still persistent, we highly suggest you contact the channel provider directly, as many channels/apps on Roku are created, provided, and maintained by the channel services/providers themselves. 

Let us know if you need further clarification and assistance. We'll wait for your update!


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Re: Local Fox channel advertises it is available on Roku but I am unable to find it anywhere.


You are complaining to the wrong folks.  Contact page for Fox 26 Houston:

FOX network seems to have become more restrictive on where its local channels can be streamed.  At least for my location, local broadcasts are not available at all via the FOX NOW app, which now just has live content from FX, FXX, and FXM.

Fox 26 Houston is one of the Fox cities now available via the FOX LOCAL streaming app, but it only promises news and weather.  You can view this in your browser, independently of Roku, on

Roku will pass on whatever content is provided to it in the FOX LOCAL app, but Roku has no say in what goes in.  Those decisions are made by the local Fox stations, in compliance with any restrictions from the Fox network.


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