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Photostream isn't showing my pictures just generic ones.

I'm trying to set a custom screen saver using the photo stream app and it just keeps giving me generic pictures. I scanned the code and set it up but it's not going to my tv. Please help! 

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Community Moderator

Re: Photostream isn't showing my pictures just generic ones.

Hi @Starkygurl,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

I understand that you are having an issue with using Photo Stream to personalize the screensaver. We would recommend starting to look for troubleshooting steps provided by our Support page here: How to use Photo Streams on your Roku® streaming device | Roku

Additional topics you might find helpful: How to change the screensaver on your Roku® streaming device | Official Roku Support

Please keep us posted on what you find out.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Photostream isn't showing my pictures just generic ones.

I see multiple references to generic or default photo streams playing rather than the user's. I thought I'd try it for the default stream, thinking it may be like the screensaver I see on GoogleTV. Well, I set up a photo stream and added a few photos and the screensaver displays them no problem. 

The only photo stream that I see available to me is the one that I created. Where's the default or public photo stream that I expected to find?

EDIT: Never mind. I deleted all photos and deleted all photo streams, and the screensaver played with the default images. Both of them. Just deselecting "include in Roku screensaver" for all streams accomplishes the same thing. Disappointing reult, though.

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