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Movies episodes only run for 5 to 9 mins

Original roku movies are made into episodes that run fro 5 to 9 minutes long 1 hour and a half movie is now 15 episodes that run for 5 to 9 mins per episode.  What a joke im going to cancel this channel

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Re: Movies episodes only run for 5 to 9 mins

You cant really cancel it, its free - you can either not watch the content, or simply remove the app.

However, you should know that's how the content originally was edited for Quibi (the defunct streaming service for mobile devices that Roku bought the IP of).

The idea was that mobile users would be able to watch short episodes of 5-15 minutes on their mobile devices as they traveled, or during breaks at work/school etc.

The fact that the service was intended for and limited to mobile devices with very short episodes is arguably the reason it failed - nonetheless, thats how its content was originally produced, and thats how Roku bought it and is presenting it.



Re: Movies episodes only run for 5 to 9 mins

Personally, I love it! It is perfect for people who are too busy to sit down and actually watch TV all night, or if you're like me and have the attention span of a gnat... Most of the time if my TV is playing anything other than music, it's because I'm using it to fall asleep. First I went through all of the unsolved mysteries episodes from days gone by, forensic files and all the other true crime ones that are old reruns Because I didn't have to worry about following a series. These short ones, I can find the last one I was on and don't get **bleep** hurt if I watch 5 minutes of something that I've already seen. I wish there were more of these!

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