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MAX No Sound across multiple ROKU devices

Have two different ROKU devices have the same issue w/ HBO max sound not working. Have tried all work arounds recommended. All work arounds work once on both devices. Then the sound fails again. The consistent problem is HBO max! Not ROKU not unplugging, resetting some option pressing the '*' button or any other reset, remove reinstall procedure.  ROKU please contact HBO max to resolve the problem with their app.

Thank you

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: MAX No Sound across multiple ROKU devices

Welcome, @Michael99999.

Thanks for posting here in the Roku Community, @Michael99999.

We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and for taking the time to attempt to resolve the issue. We want to investigate the issue you're facing more so we can take a closer look. For us to pass this forward to the appropriate Roku Team for further review, kindly provide the following information:

  • Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and OS version. (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
  • Tracker ID (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button five times, followed by the Back button five times, and provide us with this ID)
  • Channel build version (Can be found when highlighting the App and then pressing the Star * button on the Roku remote)

With more information, we can provide a better resolution.

We look forward to hearing from you and looking closely into this issue. 


Roku Community Moderator
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