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LG 2013 Plasma tv screen goes black but sound still works?

On my LG 60'' plasma tv pn6500-ua when running youtube tv in the start my screen will go black and I do have sound and the tv is working just no picture. I then power off and I get a screen that says HDCP error and power off and on? Anyone have this problem?

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Community Moderator

Re: LG 2013 Plasma tv screen goes black but sound still works?

Hi @mp123207,

Thanks for your first post in the Roku Community!

We understand that you are facing an issue with the Roku device and we're sorry to hear about what you're running into. We'd be happy to help take a closer look to see how we can help get this issue resolve.

If you are having an issue with your Roku device screen going black but can still hear the audio, customers have reported restarting the Roku device by going to Settings > System > Power > System restart > Restart or if you have a Roku TV, have you tried unplugging your TV for 10-15 minutes then plugging it back in? resolves the issue.

If you are seeing an HDCP message or purple screen, you can review the suggestions from Roku Support for determining why What to do if you see an “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen | Official Roku Support

Please try doing this and see if it helps with what you're experiencing.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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