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Fox News Channel not available

Roku has apparently dropped FOX NEWS CHANNEL live...they have no answer, trying to blame it on my TV/Internet provider, but I've already reached out to them.

The problem is with ROKU, and ROKU won't explain why!!!  Hey ROKU - bring back FOX NEWS CHANNEL live.

I've re-started the device numerous times, and it has done NOTHING to solve the problem.  FIX IT, NOW!

Roku Guru

Re: Fox News Channel not available

By not available, do you mean the app is gone, or it just doesn't work? There have been all sorts of weird issues with Fox News and streaming services/devices lately. A few months ago, it would go dead on Hulu+Live TV every hour.

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Re: Fox News Channel not available


Not sure exactly what you mean. I do see Livenow from fox is available on the ROKU channel and the fox app is available in the channel store. You have to subscribe to fox to use the app.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Fox News Channel not available

This has me about to BAIL on this POS ROKU. 2 months no explanation 3 diffrent roku devices app just crashed back to the home screen. I even did a FULL reset no change. 🖕🏻Roku

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Fox News Channel not available

Hi @Azleatherneck,

Greetings from the Roku Community!

We regret to hear about this. We're glad to assist you with your streaming problem on Roku. We'd like to know more about it to help you further. Please provide us with more details.

  • How are you powering your Roku device?
  • Is the issue happening on all contents or channels, or is this isolated to one content or channel? (Specify)
  • Are you getting error messages or error codes when playing content?
  • How far is your Roku device from your network router?
  • Have you tried reaching out to the channel partner's customer support?

In the meantime, please check out this support article on resolving a channel playback issue.

We'll be waiting for your response.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Fox News Channel not available

I've had the same issue multiple times. I believe it happens when you're signed into Fox News Channel with your cable provider and the Roku updates or some changes happen. For lack of a better term the app gets "stuck". It doesn't happen with other apps that I've ever seen (I have multiple Rokus). Recently my Roku TV updated to version 12.5.0. All the apps worked except for Fox News Channel (immediately after the update) where it would start and I could watch previously recorded shows but the Live wouldn't start/stream. As I have done previously, I had to remove the app and restart the Roku. I reinstalled it and then the Live TV would stream again.

  • It's powered normally with the included power cord.
  • The issue is isolated to just this channel.
  • There is no error at all. All the content will play except for Live streaming.
  • The wireless connection is strong and intermittent network connectivity is not related to this.
  • No. Where/why would I reach out to Fox News Channel?
Binge Watcher

Re: Fox News Channel not available

When trying to use fox news app On ROKU, a TV provider is required.  ROKU is not on FOX news  provider.

Fox Nation is supported bt ROKU why not FOX NEWS?

Roku Guru

Re: Fox News Channel not available

A TV provider is something that charges you a monthly fee for a bunch of channels, possibly including Fox news. Examples are cable, satellite, youtube TV etc.  Content owners let you log in using your TV provider (ie: cable) login because then they know you are paying for their content.  Roku could have designed their business in that way where you pay them a monthly fee for some channels, and then they’d be pretty much cable TV.  But they didn’t.  They supply a device, and they allow you to pick any TV service provider (if any) that you like. (ie: Fubo, SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV etc.)  This gives you options including: none of those.  (Which happens to be my choice.)

Banned but back. Because why not?
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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Fox News Channel not available

Many channels are the same way; a cable TV provider is required.  It's probably more about the deals these channels have with the cable providers - if people can get the channels without cable then why would people get cable?  Some of the cable-like streaming providers like Philo, Fubu, YouTubeTV, etc. probably have Fox News, but you're not going to get it for free.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Channel Surfer

Re: Fox News Channel not available

Umm, it’s paid jackarse. The Foxnews app is the issue 

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