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Feedback -- ridiculously hard to add a channel

I just want Roku makers to know that the latest update makes it so hard to add channel--so hard that I may not do it again. Before: find channel, click add. Done. Now: find channel, click to add... Need to enter DOB... then my password .... and then I can add... but just kidding -- now I need to type in a PIN? I didn't even know I had a PIN. And couldn't guess it from among the PINs I like to use. So I tried to reset the PIN on phone, via app. Couldn't find a manner to do that. I had to go to a computer and log on and sift through website. Now that's Ok, I guess we want to make sure the babysitter isn't adding channels, maybe, but DOB, password and a PIN?!? Just one would have been enough.

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