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Roaring Currents film is mislabelled or wrongly streamed

I have Roku TV channel through a NowTV account on a Roku device.

The channel lists a Korean film "Roaring Currents" as an action film set in 1597. The correct title - which is listed on Roku's tv listings is "The Admiral: Roaring Currents". However, when I played the film I did not see an action movie, but a Korean language documentary starring the director and actors from the original film. This documentary is entitled "Roaring Currents: The Admiral's Road". This is completely different to the original film. The film listing shows a title that is ambiguous, as it only contains the two words "Roaring Currents"; but the description clearly refers to the film and not the documentary.

The original film is supposed to be available on Roku, but I cannot find it. Even a search for "The Admiral" brings up the documentary and not the action film.

In addition, I tried to contact Roku. I signed in, but the page wanted my bank details! My Roku channel is free and any payment for the NowTV box and any package is quite separate from Roku, so I should not need to pay. Even having created this account I can find no way of reporting this issue of either the correct description with an incorrect film or a correct documentary being labelled, incorrectly, as an action movie.

There appears to be no way to contact Roku via email or phone and at least one site claiming to connect you to a "Roku Technician" eventually admits to being a third party site with no connection to Roku. They also want you to create an account and charge £1 per question asked!

Can anyone help? Either by reporting this issue to Roku, Or by showing me how to report this to them directly. I am aware that some films have more than one title and Roku may list a film under one and stream it under another. This is not the case here. This is the wrong film being shown. 


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