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ESPN APP not working properly Any Suggestions?

Recently my ESPN app on my Roku tvs stopped allowing me to watch SEC Network, SEC+, or other similar networks that I had been getting. I've restarted my Roku system; I've deleted and installed the ESPN app, but it won't even activate properly. When I choose my tv provider, the device I'm activating with says "success," but the code screen just stays on the tv. I've called ESPN; my television provider; even tried to chat with Roku, but no luck in solving the problem. I'm thinking it must be some issue between Roku and the app, since the ESPN app works fine on all my other devices. Any suggestions? I've also deactivated my tv provider on my devices when I try to activate on my tv. Still no joy.  Thing is the ESPN app on my tv does give me ESPN+, but none of the other networks that are also included. Suggestions as to how to trouble shoot this welcomed.   Please, please do not tell me to get in touch with ESPN.  I have already spent hours on the phone with them.

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Re: ESPN APP not working properly Any Suggestions?

We are having THE exact same problem.  With March Madness coming up, this will frustrate us to no end.  We can't get the SECN or the SEC+.  I have been on the phone multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE times; as well as emails, chats (ufortunately 2 out of the 3 that I've spoken with--either I can't understand them, nor them me).  To no avail.


Did you ever get this fixed?

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