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Disney PLUS for the Philippines

I have noticed many similar threads with open ended solutions, i.e. Disney PLUS is simply not supported by Roku in the Philippines. I wanted to post this proposed solution, but those threads have been closed

I have emailed Disney PLUS about this issue and perhaps others can do the same so we can convince them to allow Disney PLUS on the Roku platform in the Philippines, seeing that it is so popular in the country.

Hoping that a growing petition from multiple subscribers can convince the media giant to grant our request (and avoid the need to purchase a Smart TV)

Thank you

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Re: Petition Disney PLUS for the Philippines

Hi @tpenguin

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Thank you for taking the time to write in. Channel availability or access on Roku devices will vary from region to region due to service limitations or geo-restrictions. A Roku device will work in any location. However, channels may not be available on your device in that location, based on each channel provider's discretion. For more information, you'd want to contact the Disney Plus channel to inquire further about whether they offer their channel or service on the Roku platform in your region.

With detailed information, we will be better able to assist you.

Warm Regards,

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