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4802X OS 12.0 account login problems with YouTube TV

I recently purchased several 4802x (2022 Ultra) to replace older Roku 4s, and they updated to OS 12.0 within days.

I subscribe to YouTube TV, and have 3 user accounts with them, a main and two additional user accounts.  When I attempt to log in to one of the additional user accounts, the YTTV system gets stuck in an endless loop, and won't allow me to log in. The other user account has no problem, all three accounts have individual Gmail accounts I established when I initially subscribed to YouTube TV several years ago, and all three of those accounts are on my phone. 

When I attempt to link the accounts to the new Rokus, two of them (my main account and one user) work perfectly, the other user goes off the rails when I select the Gmail account for it.  My older Roku 4 still running os 11.5 has no problems, and all 3 accounts log in perfectly.

The YouTube TV people point fingers at Roku as being the problem, but can't explain why one user account has problems yet the other plus the main has none.  Part of the problem may have the new Roku OS sometimes requires an account selection when starting up the app, sometimes not.  This particular startup had been discussed at length on reddit but I've never seen a solution as to why or how to make the app respond in one way or another.  

But the fact the old Roku 4 running the older os has no problems tells me something is off kilter perhaps with the new hardware and os.  Any ideas?

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Community Manager

Re: 4802X OS 12.0 account login problems with YouTube TV

Oh hi there @Beck38 and thanks for being with us for awhile.

I've read your post... *cracks knuckles* and there's no quick solution here, but let's dive in.

First, before we get into the heavy lifting, try removing the channel, restarting your Roku device from the System menu, and re-adding the channel -- In that order! Also, check for a system update from the Settings > System menu. Try the logins again. 

Still no luck? Let's proceed.

I haven't heard of this being an issue on YTTV, but it doesn't mean it's not out there. If you have the reddit threads, feel free to link them here so we can get some extra data points.

If you'd like our engineering team to look into this, we'll need a Tracker ID from you. Simply try the login that you expect to fail, and when it does fail, using your remote say "Get Tracker ID" or press Home x5 and Back x5 on your remote. A screen will appear with the Tracker ID. A Tracker ID places a bookmark in the logs our engineering team can quickly find.

We'll need...

  • The Tracker ID from the screen.
  • Your device serial number, OS version and build.
  • The YTTV channel version (Home > highlight the channel tile > * button > Info/About)

We do want to just mention that channel authentication is on the partner side and channels are responsible for maintaining their own channel packages, etc. But, we may be able to surface this up with our friends at YouTube and try to help. 

Keep us posted, we're looking forward to hearing back.

Happy Streaming!

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