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Connect a camera to two separate accounts

I’ve got 6 cameras and a base station, 5 of the cameras are in and around my home, the last camera and base station are at my shop/place of business. Currently what the problem is with the single account the manager at my shop is just signed into my account so he is able to see and view all the cameras including my home and receiving notifications from all them also. So I’m wanting to know if I was to setup another account (email) would I be able to add just the single camera on the account and then it be on both accounts or will I just need to remove it from my account and setup a account just for it to be able to do what I’m wanting done by having it on multiple devices but not the home cameras viewable on every device?

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Re: Connect a camera to two separate accounts

Hi! @Propstm1,

A pleasant welcome from the Roku Community!

We appreciate you contacting us about setting up separate accounts for your Smart home cameras. We're pleased to assist.

You should create a separate account for your business shop and home cameras. You must perform a factory reset and set up your home cameras again.




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