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Community Manager
Community Manager

🌟Roku Community Streaming Experts Program🌟

Heard of superheroes? We think they're great too. But have you heard of Roku Community Streaming Experts? Now that's legendary!

The Path to Becoming a Roku Streaming Expert

The Roku community is booming! So, we’re on the prowl for our next Streaming Expert to jazz things up and lend a helping hand. Does this sound like your next exciting venture? Dive in and discover the dazzling rewards awaiting you in our squad.

What's the role? We're scouting for vibrant, helpful souls to dedicate a few minutes of their time each week in the Roku Community. Here, you'll tag-team with our fantastic Roku moderation squad, helping to solve dilemmas such as: "Which Roku is perfect for my tech-savvy nephew going to college?", "How do I find the coolest local news streams?", or "I've got a brand new Roku! Now, how do I set it up?" The goal? Have a blast and sprinkle some happiness along the way!

Feeling the vibe? Dip your toes into the Roku community for a week or two, shower some positivity and helpful vibes, drop us a message, and we'll be in touch!

Perks of Donning the Roku Streaming Experts badge:

Step into our program, and voila! A treasure trove of perks unfolds.

🌟 Bag yourself a free Roku player AND a Voice Remote Pro.

🌟 VIP direct chatter line with the Roku team.

🌟 An exclusive nook in our Community board to mingle with fellow Roku Streaming Experts and the elite Roku task force.

🌟 Get a heads up and training on the freshest new devices on the block.

🌟 Rack up points for your shining community spirit. Redeem them for Roku goodies, swag, and even swanky devices!

🌟 Sneak peeks at product samples when they drop.

🌟 Get an invite to ritzy virtual or real-world gatherings for our most valued Experts.

🌟 Wear your Roku Community Expert badge with pride – a symbol of your legendary status in the Roku universe!

Roku enthusiast?  Apply now!

Meet Our Roku Community Streaming Experts

Dive deep into the stories of our current dynamic team actively sprinkling their magic in the Roku realm. 



Helping the Roku Community since 2013

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021




Helping the Roku Community since 2021

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021





Helping the Roku Community since 2012

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021




Helping the Roku Community since 2015

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021



Helping the Roku Community since 2010

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021




Helping the Roku Community since 2013

Expert in the Roku Community since 2021



Happy Streaming!

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